Trich Mir (7,708m)

tirchmir1Tirich Mir Main Peak was climbed for the first time in 1950 by a Norwegian expedition led by Arne Naess. The other members of the expedition included P. Kvern Berg and H. Berg.  Arne Naess again led the successful Norwegian venture to Tirich Mir East (7,692 meters) in 1964. Two members of the expedition R. Hoibakk and A. Opdal, reached top of Tirich Mir (E).

Tirich Mir West II (7,500meters) was climbed in 1974 by Beppe Re and Guido Machetto of an Italian expedition. The party also climbed an already-climbed Dirgol Zom peak.
Tirich Mir West I (7,487meters) was climbed in 1967 by a Czechoslovak expedition led by Vladimir Smida. The party is stated to have climbed it by the north-west col. J. Cervinka, I. Galfy, V. Smida and I. Urbanovic reached the top.







Sr.No Program Time(Hrs) Stay
Day-01 Arrive in Islamabad Hotel
Day-02 Briefing at ministry of Tourism
Day-03 Drive to Dir, overnight at hotel
Day-04 Drive to Chitral. Overnight at hotel.
Day-05 Drive to road head. Overnight camp.
Day-06 Approach march to Base Camp.
Day-38 Trek back to road head.
Day-39 Drive to Chitral, overnight camp.
Day-40 Drive to Dir. Overnight at hotel.
Day-41 Drive to Islamabad. overnight at hotel.
Day-42 Islamabad- debriefing at Ministry of Tourism
Day-43 Fly to onward destination –