Nangma-valley-peaksAmin Brakk is one of the most well known rock wall in Nangma Region, The mount Amin Brakk is situated in inaccessible Northern Area of the Karakorm Baltistan, There more attempts during the summer of 1999 and remarkably tow of these were brought to a successful conclusion. West face of Amin brakk (generally quoted as 5850m but thought possibly higher) close to the head of a side branch of a Nangma Valley, Amin Brakk was first attempted in May ’96 by the Basque climbers, Jon Lazkano, K6Lazkano first saw the wall during a visit 1998, when he attempted a line on the adjacent North West Face of Nawaz Brakk during possibly the first serious climbing expedition to this hidden peak, it is on of the most complex and extended wall, it is hardest than Trongo Tower, The face formed the target for a group of a British climbers first saw the wall during a visit previous year, but they found the initial section to be objectively dangerous and instead turned their attention to the walls of Nawaz Brakk, where they established a new British line.

Amin-brakThere also anther peak the Peak name called Shingu Chatpa (Great Tower 5600 m) First Ascent was in 2001 by American, in 2004 Austrian and Slovenian, Amin Brakk and Shingu Chatpa, which both contain hundreds of beautiful granite spires. Most of the rock within Nangma valley is either granite, gneiss, or schist, however, the predominant rock type is granite, The couloirs then dog – legs left parallel to the face and the routes follow this to a ssmall saddle and Camp one, and there lots of it, No peak permit is require, Travel with your guide and have a life Experience.


Sr.No Program Time (Hrs) Stay
Day 01 Arrival InIslamabad Hotel
Day 02 Flight to Skardu or drive to Chilas 11-12 Hotel
Day 03 Free day in Skardu or drive to Skardu 8-9 Camp
Day 04 Drive To Kanday 5-6 Camp
Day 05 Trek to Mingulu Brok 3-4 Camp
Day 06 Trek to Amin Brak Base Camp ,Back to Nangma Ultok 5-6 Camp
Day 07 Trek To K6/K7 Base Camp 3-4 Camp
Day 08 Trek back Mingulu Brok 5-6 Camp
Day 09 Trek to kanday 3-4 Camp
Day 10 Drive to Skardu 5-6 Hotel
Day 11 Flight to Islamabad, if unable due to bad weather same day drive to Chilas 8-9 Hotel
Day 12 Chilas-To-Islamabad: Early morning drive to Islamabad. 11-12 Hotel
Day 13 Transfer to Benazir International Airport Islamabad for your onward destination.