Mashabrum & K7 Trek

Hushe valley is situated at the south of the great-glaciated region of Baltoro. Hushe is the approach route to the south faces of the Karakurum wall. The area offers various opportunities to trek to the base camps and climbing to the trekking peaks. Some of the fascinating treks we have combined in one program to give full spectrum. Walking for a day or two will take you to the bases of the higher mountains, from where you will be offered to make walking excursions or taste light climbing in the vicinity to the higher altitudes.
Masharbrum base camp is the first section of this program. Masharbrum (7821m) is the 28th highest peak is standing in the backdrop of the last outpost Hushe. Here we will spend two days in exploring the surrounding. In the second portion the Sarakhsa valley offers stunning views of Chogolisa, K-6 and K-7peaks. In this trek we also go to the Ghandogoro valley to climb Ghandogoro peak 5860m or the Pass (5550m) to have breathtaking views of the greats peaks of central Karakurum including K-2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum Group.In addition one can experience climbing of below 6500m peaks without any bonding royalty fee and technical experience.



Sr.No Program Time(Hrs) Stay
Day 01 Arrival  in Islamabad Hotel
Day 02 Flight to Skardu or drive to Chilas 11-12  Hotel
Day 03 Free day in Skardu or drive to Skardu  8-9  Hotel
Day 04 Drive to Hushe  6-7 Camp
Day 05 Trek to Parbsin  3-4 Camp
Day 06 Trek to Brumbrammah 2-3  Camp
Day 07 Trek To Masherbrum Base camp 1-2  Camp
Day 08 Free day at Masherbrum base camp Camp
Day 09 Trek back to Dumsum 5-6 Camp
Day 10 Trek to   Shaicho 3-4 Camp
Day 11 Trek to Khuspang  6-7 Camp
Day 12 Rest in Khuspang or climb Ghandogoro Peak  Camp
Day 13 Trek to Shaischo Camping 5-6 Camp
Day 14 Trek to Spangsair 5-6 Camp
Day 15 Trek to K-7 and K-6 Base Camps  5-6 Camp
Day 16 Trek back to Shaischo Camping 6-7  Camp
Day 17 Trek to Hushe Camping 3-4 Camp
Day 18 Drive to Skardu 6-7 Camp
Day 19 Fly to Islamabad or Drive to Chilas 8-9 Hotel
Day 20 Free day or drive from Chilas to Islamabad 11-12 Hotel
Day 21 Debriefing in Tourism Ministry Islamabad
Day 22 Onward to your own destination