About Us

We are pleased to introduce you as “Baltistan Adventure” is a widely recognized tourist company established by an experience and committed Team mostly belongs to our Native area which is gate way to central Karakoram in Pakistan, with more than a decade experience. We offer unique opportunities for making your holiday a full and exciting Adventure.

We, “the Baltistan Adventure “ providing value added services to High Mountains Expeditions, Trekking , Culture Tours , Trophy Hunting and Jeep Safari etc.

We are best entertainer by introducing practically our clients with culture of Pakistan particularly the unique and matchless culture of the host region, the Gilgit-Baltistan.)

Pakistan is the Kingdom of colossal mountain series comprising of Karakorum, Himalayas, Hindu Kush and Pamir ranges where the Baltistan can call the Kingdom of mountains for largest collection of peaks in the world and the longest glaciers outside the Poles. To explore the savage beauty of Gilgit-Baltistan.

We are committed to take every step necessary to cater you an experience of gracefully adventure services. Let’s try us we would be happy to host your outdoor adventure.

Muhammad Ali

Founder and Owner

It is my honor to serve as Founder and Owner  of Baltistan Adventure , the leading tourism company Pakistan-based. I born and grown in the mountainous region of Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan. So it would not exaggerated to claim that the nature has also some contribution to become me a tour operator, a tourist guide, a tourist Manager and most importantly to be hospitable. You will find me most hospitable, knowledge full to the local environment, and have the quality of leadership, well versed with local languages, i.e. Balti; my mother tongue, English; the official language of my Country, Urdu; the national language of Pakistan, and Spanish language.

As I have started my career in tourism field as Assistant Guide and got promoted to manager level soon because of my thirst and zealous approach in this field. Now as I have got the opportunity to become the  Owner  of Baltistan Adventure. And my ultimate goal is to put my extreme effort to make this company competitive and to maximize its wealth by ascertaining the delivery of quality services and satisfaction to our esteem clients of world wide.

Fida  Muhammad

Marketing Manager .

Thanks Almighty Allah for, I have the privilege to serve as the Marketing  Manager of Baltistan Adventure.  I also thank the owner of Baltistan Adventure for elevating me on this post by recognizing my services which I have rendered as assistant guide plus cook, Guide and above all accepting my administrative knowledge, skills and experience which spans for more than 15 years. As I have been working in this field since 1997. . During this tenure I have served on different capacity.  This promotion to Marketing Manager  level has furthered my responsibilities and I am committed to deliver back to my owner in form of giving valuable services to our valuable customers though out the world.  I hope that with my experience and personal qualities I would be able to cater excellence opportunity to my firm to mount on the peak of progress and development but this is not possible until I am able to entertain my clients. For me my clients are at first and foremost priority.


Muhammad Ali Raju  President & Founder


Tariq Khan (Barcelona Spain)                                     Furman Hussain:

Managing Director                                                          Manager Operations


Hassan :                                                                     Anwar Ali :

Manager Logistics                                                      Field Manager